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 How do I begin my Panchakarma Program?

Panchakarma begins with an initial consultation to evaluate your current state of health in order to develop a personalized program to serve your individual needs. At this time you are given a food, herbal and lifestyle regime to start your cleanse, along with scheduling your Panchakarma time.

How many Panchakarma days are scheduled?

3, 5, and 7 day programs are typically scheduled. 10 -14 day programs also possible.  

Panchakarma is a series of treatments in which the benefits of detoxification increase with each session. If you have longstanding chronic imbalances, then a seven to fourteen day program is highly recommended for deep cleansing of the body’s seven tissues. Three days would be the minimum time to activate cleansing. Many clients often schedule a three day 'weekend cleanse' as a perfect seasonal and convenient tune-up.  We also offer a one day sample Panchakarma treatment  so you can totally unwind, relax, and experience what PK is all about.

How long are the sessions?

Daily treatments are approximately three hours.


The Basic Daily Panchkarma Treatment Includes

Abhyanga (Warm hearbal Oil Massage)

Head, Neck, Face Massage

Healing Essential Oils

Karna Purana (Ear Nourishment)

Nasya (Nasal Therapy)


Swedena (Herbal Steam)

Basti (Colon Therapy)

ABHYANGA: Warm herbal oil massage given in tandem by 2 therapists. (Snehana) ~ lubricates macro and micro channels so toxins can be dislodged. Extensive massage of head, neck, face.

ANOINTING with rare, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to uplift mind and senses, oxygenate system and enhance healing.

KARNA PURANA: introducing warm oil into ears which removes stress, tension, nourishes sensory organs and auditory canal.

NASYA: nasal treatment lubricates and cleanses sinuses strengthens mind and senses, clears toxins from brain, drains cranial lymph.

SHIRODHARA: bathing the forehead with a relaxing stream of warm oil which helps overcome stress, emotional imbalances, nourishes brain function and   gives deep rest to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

SWEDANA: sedation (sweating therapy) opens circulatory channels so toxins can be flushed, softens and brightens skin, brings lightness to the body and helps relieve pain.

BASTI: gentle cleansing and nourishing enema.  Basti is the most important elimination therapy which directly treats the seat of Vata dosha, which controls all bodily functions.  Organic herbal decoctions help clear wastes and strengthen colon function.  The introduction of pure oils bring deep nourishment to the intestines and calm Vata dosha.


The following protocols are not included in the basic treatment but may be recommended when deemed especially beneficial for you.


Just ask to have any modality included once or more during your program. 

NETRA TARPANA:  special eye treatment in which sterilized triphala ghee is gently poured over eyes to bring relief to dry, aching and tired eyes.

TRANSDERMAL MARMA POINT THERAPY: developed by Vaidya RK Mishra, extremely subtle and relaxing as highly 'intelligent' transdermal cremes, powerful mantras, and light touch are applied to positively effect and clear vibrational channels called 'nadi-s'.

UDVARTANA: medicinal substances such as  herbs, powdered grains, and  oils blended into a paste and massaged over body to  cleanse, improve circulation and stimulate  weight loss.

KATI, HRID, NABHI AND JANU BASTI:  localized treatments for sacrum, heart, umbilicus, knees) in which an enclosure of dough is filled with warm medicated oil and left to penetrate for about 20 minutes to relieve pain and nourish tissues.

PRANA 'YUM': a variation of 'raindrop therapy' where powerful prana-increasing essential oils are massaged into either the back/lung area, or the front torso region followed by moist heat. Breaks up congestion, clears blocks and increases life force.

MERU RASAYAN: full spinal 'soak' starting with healing essential oils, warm medicated oil and heat -  advised for any spinal imbalances, tendency towards misalignments, and especially after spinal surgery.

UBTAN: customized paste of chickpea flour, turmeric, sandalwood, herbs and aromatic oils is applied on entire body to beautify skin and reduce bodily heat. 

luxury massage

The question is often asked, " What's the difference between a 3 day PK and a longer program of 5 or 7 days?"

The answer is simple and based on common sense: Panchakarma is a consecutive series of treatments that result in deeper physiological transformation with every passing day. The longer your program, the more purification occurs.  That being said, a 3 day program is a beautiful experience of waking up the body and shedding more recent toxic buildup, or for a healthy person, it is a perfect tuneup of the entire body.  As we're all different and have individual  goals for what we want to achieve, your short or longer program will always be tailored to accommodate the highest outcome. 

All Panchakarma Programs include the Basic Daily Treatment:

 Tandem Oil Massage, Head, & Facial Massage, Healing Essential Oils, Ear Nourishment, Nasal Therapy, Shirodhara, Herbal Steam,  and Basti.

3 Day Program:


5 Day Program:


7 Day Program


Would you like to augment your PK Program?

When you confirm your program, you'll receive a list of modalities and their cost from which you can choose in advance any 'extras' you may want to include.  Or, simply ask for what you want as we go.

What's not included in your initial program cost?

Additional  therapies you pre-requested, or request during your program,  or agree to receive as the need arises are not part of your initial cost.  Extra work is done with your permission and understanding minimal charges will be incurred.

What Panchakarma cleansing protocols are best for me?

After reviewing the information gained during your initial consultation it becomes clear which protocols will be appropriate for your program. Usually not all five Panchakarma cleansing procedures are given to one person, especially within a week's time. Only those procedures which are most advantageous will be recommended.

How will I feel?

How you feel depends on your current level of health. Many people experience increasing spirals of energy as the week progresses. However, as the body purifies and your nervous system relaxes more deeply, you may experience energy levels fluctuating from day to day. To optimize your special cleansing time, please reduce all external responsibilities so your body-mind can use its vital force for repair and regeneration.

What must I do to prepare for Panchakarma?

At your consultation you will be given many delicious drink and food recipes. These foods are specifically chosen to initiate your cleanse prior to your Panchakarma treatments. By eating these foods, you will begin to alkalize, mineralize and oxygenate your system so that detoxification proceeds easily, making it safe and gentle for your organs of elimination to handle the cleanse. Because Ayurveda understands the importance keeping the mind and emotions happy, the recipes are designed to more than satisfy your palate with delicious flavors, aromas, and textures.

There may be additional preparatory advice given involving herbal supplementation, or certain elimination - enhancing advice to follow as well.


Several options exist for visiting client lodging.

AirBnB is a popular choice for most. 

Many lovely  AirBnB's,  casita rentals and hotels exist in Santa Fe.  Please contact Ivy should you need assistance with arranging your stay.


Upon request food can be prepared daily during your stay.

Provided is one quart of fresh green smoothie and a generous pot of recommended Ayurvedic cooked food such as kitcharee, mung dal, etc. Additional charge for food is $35 per day.

Anything else?


Clear the decks of excessive responsibilities which create stress and fatigue.

Follow the nutritional regime.

Plan activities that are totally relaxing during your Panchakarma program, such

as meditation, gentle yoga, breathing exercises, writing, some reading, easy

walks (not hikes!).

To Be Avoided:

Avoid any activity which increases stress, fatigue and exertion: aerobic exercise, sexual activity, overuse of the five senses like excessive reading or tv, computer work, cell phones, talking, loud music, etc..

Recreational drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, etc..



It is an honor to facilitate this very profound and personal transformation with you. As such, your Panchakarma program is carried out in a private, quiet and loving atmosphere where respect, sensitivity and personalized attention is supported by many years of traditional knowledge and skill. Our intention is to create a sacred space in which your physical, mental and spiritual renewal can occur naturally and gracefully.

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