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Have questions, special needs, or want suggestions on what modalities may be best? 

Just let us know how we can help design the very best session for you!

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A fresh start towards optimum health! Includes constitutional analysis, assessment of past and current imbalances. Together we create a program to address your specific needs now, and to discover the best choices for keeping you healthy! Includes beautiful folder of key information and delicious recipes to guide your path to health.

1.5 hours. $125


A complete transformation for body-mind-spirit which purifies and rejuvenates, eliminating wastes from tissues, cells & organs using 5 (pancha) natural cleansing methods (karmas) which target specific zones and organs of the body. 3, 5, 7 or 14 day series. Ayurveda's most powerful system to quickly regain balance, harmony, peace, and health.

"Having received Panchakarma with Ivy for several years, I consider it one of the most beautiful and spiritual practices that I have given myself year after year."

3 hours. $285 per day


Our most requested treatment - heavenly and healing - includes warm herbal oil massage, anointing with pure exotic essential oils and fragrant herbal full body steam. Leaves you in a vibration of the sacred.

"There's nothing like this kind of nurturing"

2 Hours. $140 

OH DEVI ! Ubtan Facial

The oldest and most pure form of a cosmetic that was ever created, Ubtan is a magical face mask that pampers your skin leaving it rejuvenated and glowing. So highly regarded, Ubtan is a wedding ritual given to the bride before marriage. Made from detoxifying yet deeply nourishing foods for the skin like ashwagandha, manjishta, basil, almonds. walnuts, chickpea and oat flours, camphor and turmeric, a paste is created tailored to your skin type.  

For a royal experience, add Ubtan to your Bliss Rejuvenation session or any other treatment. 

 30 minutes $35 

In the sacred writings of India when wishing to address his consort Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva would say, "Oh Devi" meaning "Oh Shining One ".


 Bliss Rejuvenation (see above) with 30 minutes of  Marma therapy.  Marma points are a confluence of muscle, veins and nerves which act as an interface between our external world and internal physiology, transmitting Life Force to our organs.  Blocked marmas, especially from EMF exposure, can inhibit the delivery of nutrients, cause pain or mental unrest.  Now, repair and restore as your nervous system is replenished, soothed and strengthened. 

"Within a minute or two, my nervous system began to calm substantially, and I entered a deep state of relaxation"  Zoe

  •   2.5 hours.  $185


Bathing the forehead with a soothing, continuous stream of warm oil to calm the mind and nervous system. Includes upper body and head massage.

  • 1 hour $95 
  • Most effective when combined with Bliss Rejuvenation,   Add-on $65


Nasya  begins with a thorough head, neck and facial oil massage. Gentle heating of the face is done to increase circulation followed by the inhalation of medicinal herbal drops to clear sinus congestion, lubricate dry passages, and release toxins from the cranial region, including the brain.

  •  1/2 hour. $55  
  •   Add-on $45

UDVARTANA (ood var ta na)

Premier Ayurvedic specialty in which an exfoliating paste of healing herbs and warm oil are applied using deep massage strokes in an upward direction. This results in breaking up stagnant fat tissue, alleviating heaviness and morbid doshas, opens blocked transport systems of the body, enabling free circulation of nutrients and the removal of skin associated toxins.  After the herbal paste is removed, your body is re-lubricated with a soothing and replenishing application of pure coconut and rose oil.  

  • 50 minutes.  $110
  • Must combine with Abhyanga Hour, Bliss Rejuvenation, or Panchakarma  

LEPANA  (lay pa na)

An herbalized mud treatment in which a cleansing and nutritive herbal paste is massaged over the entire body.  Purifying clay, turmeric, Ayurvedic herbs and minerals are custom-blended for your treatment.  Lepana is useful for various types of inflammatory conditions or drawing excess heat from the body, detoxifies and improves skin function. Various conditions are addressed by adjusting lepana ingredients.

  • 30 minutes.  $85
  • Must combine with Bliss Rejuvenation, Abhyanga Hour or Panchakarma


 7 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are massaged into the upper chest and lung area to open and relieve congestion of  the respiratory system.  When done on the back, dormant viruses concentrated along the spine are eliminated.  Hot moist towels are applied to make oils deeply penetrate, increasing oxygen and prana (life force) so breathing becomes deep and normal.  Great for lingering colds, flus, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments. 

  • 30 minutes. $65
  •  Must combine with  Bliss Rejuvenation, Abhyanga Hour, or Panchakarma 

MERU RASAYAN  (may ru   ra sigh yun)

Meru is an esoteric name for the spine.  Rasayan means rejuvenation.  Meru Rasayan helps restore spinal health through massaging healing essential oils along the spine.  Then the entire spine is 'soaked' in warm medicated Ayurvedic oil  and kept gently heated for 30 minutes, allowing deep absorption, nourishing the muscles, nerves and vertebrae.  This allows the spine to regain flexibility and resiliency, can reduce pain and stiffness, and enhances nervous system function. 

Herbal oil massage is included for overall relaxation.

Meru Rasayan is advised for any spinal imbalances, tendency towards misalignments, and excellent after  spinal surgery.  

  • 1 Hour.    $95   
  • Add on to Bliss Rejuvenation, Abhyanga Hour  or Panchakarma:  $75


Bathing the eyes in herbal Triphala Ghee to relieve strain, reduce heat and nourish nervous system. Includes upper body and head massage.

  •  Traditional dough enclosure : 1 hour.   $95   
  •  Add-on  to Bliss Rejuvenation, Abhyanga Hour or Panchakarma   $80
  • Easy eyecup method add-on  $30 (and learn to do at home)

SWEDANA (sway da nah)

Swedan means steam therapy, and is an essential part of Panchakarma  cleansing to open circulatory pathways so toxins can easily be flushed.  Steaming the body detoxifies, reduces stress, alleviates muscle pain, improves respiratory conditions and promotes sound sleep.

We use the 'Steamy Wonder' system in which you remain comfortably relaxing on the massage table while the body is engulfed in fragrant herbal steam. 

  • 15 -20 minutes.  Add-on only  $20.

ABHYANGA HOUR (ah bee yan ga)

Abhyanga is a Sanskrit term which means "massaging the limbs" or "glowing body." It involves anointing with large amounts of herbalized warm oil which are deeply massaged into the whole body. Abhyanga's many benefits include eliminating stress, better circulation, relieving dryness and toxins, improves digestion, supports sleep and is anti-aging. Wonderful for a simple and shorter Ayurvedic healing experience.

1 Hour $95 

Thank you in advance for arriving on time for your session.


The first time I went for Panchakarma, I quickly  realized I was in the hands of  consummate professionals with Ivy and Veda. It was clear to me then and still is, that the Panchakarma treatments are profoundly relaxing, healing, health promoting, safe feeling and luxurious all at once." 

 Wendy, Santa Fe, NM

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